Wednesday, October 6, 2010

glič - Withes Ain't $H!T

I was contacted the other day, as I sometimes am, by a chiptune artist who had recently finished a project. I love getting emails like this, and I love it even more when the music included is as crazy good as what he attached. Pronounced "glitch", (č is actually the phonetic symbol for "the chuh sound", as I found out), the music is decidedly spastic and at times completely non-sequitur, in a great way. The best part about music like this, for me, is when you're being tugged along through all manner of chaotic noises and rhythms and suddenly there's a great, solid beat.

I'm a sucker for simple rhythms; math-rock and crazy progressive metal are interesting and display heaps of talent, but they're not my preferred genres of music. I have to admit, when I began listening to this track, I was pretty put off by how crazy it was, but made it to the minute mark where there's this awesome straight-up beat that I loved. Then it goes crazy again for a while, then there's another awesome beat... And so on, throughout the whole album! Yes, there are in fact 11 more tracks to follow this one on his album "Schwartzenegger Please!", which you can buy over at his bandcamp site. I've bought a copy so I can listen to this in my car and drive really, really fast to it, and I suggest you try that out too!*

glič's website

Get it!

*generic disclaimer blah blah don't speed whatever okay shut it


  1. This just made my DAY!!!! I HAD to go to his site and listen to everything he had. Not disappointing in any way. GOOD AS TOAST!!!

  2. I was kinda put off by the beginning, but about the 3 minute mark it starts kicking righteous amounts of ass. Totally satisfying.