Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hubnester - Cortex Command Intro

You guys, this game is incredible. Here's a smattering of links, in no particular order:

CC's intro video
Music for the above video
Cortex Command's website
The Humble Indie Bundle

You can buy the game for a name-your-own-price deal using the fourth link there, and you can have that money go to the developers or charity or a combination of the two. I bought and played all of the included games, it's really worth your time (and at LEAST a few bucks!)


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

glič - Withes Ain't $H!T

I was contacted the other day, as I sometimes am, by a chiptune artist who had recently finished a project. I love getting emails like this, and I love it even more when the music included is as crazy good as what he attached. Pronounced "glitch", (č is actually the phonetic symbol for "the chuh sound", as I found out), the music is decidedly spastic and at times completely non-sequitur, in a great way. The best part about music like this, for me, is when you're being tugged along through all manner of chaotic noises and rhythms and suddenly there's a great, solid beat.

I'm a sucker for simple rhythms; math-rock and crazy progressive metal are interesting and display heaps of talent, but they're not my preferred genres of music. I have to admit, when I began listening to this track, I was pretty put off by how crazy it was, but made it to the minute mark where there's this awesome straight-up beat that I loved. Then it goes crazy again for a while, then there's another awesome beat... And so on, throughout the whole album! Yes, there are in fact 11 more tracks to follow this one on his album "Schwartzenegger Please!", which you can buy over at his bandcamp site. I've bought a copy so I can listen to this in my car and drive really, really fast to it, and I suggest you try that out too!*

glič's website

Get it!

*generic disclaimer blah blah don't speed whatever okay shut it

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Daemon9623 - As We Approach The Dawn

When I first heard this, I thought for sure it had to be a cover of some tech metal band or something. In fact, it's an original composition on I think Famitracker? He never really said. Regardless of the software used, it's a brilliant chiptune. It would be an interesting departure from the norm to hear a cover of this made with real guitar and drums!

Daemon9623's website

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Today I'm doing whatever I want; this isn't 8-bit music at all, it's HARDCORE METAL COVERS OF ZELDA SONGS. YEAAAAAAAAAAAH!! Well they're guitar covers of Zelda songs anyway; some of more down-tempo tracks remain down-tempo and pretty. Wow if only he were making these when I was in middle school, I would have had better music than MIDI covers of Zelda songs to listen to.





There's tons more on his channel. Go! And listen to them all!!!

CSGuitar89's website

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Inverse Phase - NES Me An Angel

So Inverse Phase got a hold of me the other day as people sometimes do to let me know about a project he's just finished, and I've got to tell you guys: It's really good! It's a chiptune cover album using I think just the NES to make all the tracks, not sure if there's more systems involved on other songs or not... Regardless, this entire album is worth your listening to (for free) on the bandcamp website or (for $5 and a blank CD) in your car. There's a cover of Weezer, a couple songs by The Cars, that one "Woo hoo" song by Blur, and most interestingly, a cover of a cover of an NES song. Just think about that one.

Inverse Phase's website

Real Life's website

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Get "Retrocovered", the whole album!

Monday, August 23, 2010

.:ikanetik:. - Before I Go..

At first I was like "ow those drums are super fuzzy" but you get used to it, and it actually makes for a really awesome, full sound. Something you come up against basically first thing when you start writing chiptunes is the fact that the very simple waveforms that are the bread and butter of the genre have very little presence. Whereas many people can and have made excellent sounding music using only a guitar and their voice, the equivalent in chiptunes of using just a couple of waveforms can be very difficult to make sound "whole". It's a very ambiguous quality which is why I'm having such a hard time describing it, but what you need to know is that this track is full, whole, whatever. Listen to it with headphones! There's little, subtle, barely-noticeable things happening all over the place in this one. It's great!

.:ikanetik:.'s website

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Anamanaguchi - My Skateboard Will Go On

Sup guys! I took a little break from chiptunes recently, but you all knew that. I've been playing a ton of Starcraft 2, listening to non-chiptune music, and basically being a big lamer all summer, working and sitting around. Hurf durf to the maximum, that's right.

So I'm done with that crap, I went onto my usual sites (see the bottom of this page for what exactly those are) to find some FRESH MATERIAL, and of course my progress was instantly halted when I went on and saw that Anamanaguchi had procured the top two most-liked spots on the chart. Well sheesh just listen to this track, they deserve the entire chart. It should just say "ANAMANAGUCHI'S UPLOADS" over there because god they are KILLING it.

Anamanaguchi's website

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Maktone - Addiction

Wow, it's been a month since I updated 8BD? Sheesh! Well I've been working on stuff of my own... SECRET STUFF. So I say that's okay. :B

I don't know how many of you guys go to on a regular basis, but man. Lately, that site gives me a headache just looking at it. The front page is ceaselessly filled with first attempts, and now more than ever before every artist seems to have "bit" or "nintendo" or something like that integrated into their name. Seriously! Go to the site and read down the list of artists!! It's artists like Maktone that punctuate that noise with music I can get into, making chiptunes that sound like the background music to a Commodore 64 demo.

Maktone's website

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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Zan-Zan-Zawa-Veia - Grey Mlkn

I was talking to a chiptune artist from New Jersey named Kris Keyser yesterday about some of the finer points of the chiptune scene. We were talking about chiptune labels and the character of music typical to a few of them. I've always thought of Pause and 8bitpeoples as the two "premier" avenues of digital chiptune distribution, but I had never really thought about the markedly different styles of music each puts out. Whereas 8BP does not hesitate one iota to put out some fast, hard chiptune techno, Pause has a lot of complex, intricate releases. Not to say 8BP is lacking in detail! But I think Kris was onto something when he connected the name "Pause" to the action you must take when listening to their releases. This isn't music to listen to on the go. This is music that listening to is an event in and of itself.

Zan-Zan-Zawa-Veia's website

The Pause page (leave a comment!)

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fuckjazzforaminute - Closing Night at the Drive-In

Way intense LSDJ jam. Loud as you'd ever want it, with tons of raw noise and abrasive textures, but nothing cacophonous or annoying, just one really heavy track. I need more of this, pronto!

Fuckjazzforaminute's website

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

EpiiicSignal - Telephone

I like how this song is actually good instead of the original which is endlessley abrasive. EpiiicSignal is some sort of musical alchemist, transforming this song at its most fundamental level into something with a completely different feel and tone. It's a fantastic remix/cover, and I don't care what anyone thinks of me for featuring it. MY SITE, MY RULES. END OF STORY. (ha ha)

EpiiicSignal's website

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Pieces Of Eight - Eraser to Erase Her

8BD is getting old enough where I can do cool things like click the random post link at the top, find one I remember liking a lot, and then going to the artist's page to see what's new, and then picking that as a new 8BD!

Not that that's what I did today, oh no, I was just listening to some tracks from over a month ago, because I suspected something good to have been posted then, and I was right!

Pieces of Eight's website

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

BEASTMODE - Gameboy Beats Vol. 2

Some heavy electro made with the Game Boy. Very unique sound for LSDJ, and some really good party music. Actually, similar comments apply to most of BEASTMODE's library! He's definitely got a great technique with LSDJ. Go check it all out!

Also the MP3 player should be fixed?

BEASTMODE's website

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Bryface - Eye Twitching

DS-10 music has always interested me, since it represents a sort of locked treasure chest of musical capabilities. I cannot seem to get anything interesting out of it, but then someone comes along with a track like this that is so full and rich you want to go try your hand at it again. But I've played this game before, and I know that if I boot up the DS-10 again it'll just lead me right back down that road of frustration. It's a software better left to the experts, far as I'm concerned.

Another reason I was glad to feature this track was because through it I discovered a great site called Maybe I can learn some tricks there!

Bryface's website

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"Health and Safety", the whole release!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Noisewaves - Do I Look Like I Want To Play Volleyball?

Coming out with his (their?) first EP, Noisewaves is a neat guitar/drums/NES outfit from my hometown of Grand Rapids, MI. Together we form the West Michigan chiptune scene, though there may be others who keep their work to themselves. Anyway, when I first heard Noisewaves, it was a song called Pioneer Island which sounded a lot like Anamanaguchi. Since that track, the sound has gone a few notches down-tempo, with a lot more of an experimental indie band sort of composition to it. It's a great feel; extremely calming with dramatic builds and explosive outbursts of drums.

Noisewaves' website

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Get "Noisewaves", the whole release!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Kool Skull - STRUCTURE B

I like melodies. Catchy lines, structured harmonies, and distinct lead instruments make up most of this site's library. This track has none of that; it's a thrash, a jam, made on a sample-based tracker that lends itself to fast, loud, aggressive and abrasive music. Unlike so many circuit-benders or self-proclaimed "noise musicians", Kool Skull has discernable rhythms, musical structure, and a sound that is not so overbearing as to be distracting. It's definitely a standout from the rest of the music I pick, but it represents a large segment of the population that identifies with the chiptune scene, and a very large, perhaps even majority, of the live acts out there. Seriously, if you go to a chiptune show, you can expect a lot of noise, then a lot of typical DJ-electro-trance-whatever, followed by anything you might see here on a daily basis. Whoops!

Kool Skull's website

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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fun Secret - SHEMP

Despite the fact that it's made with LSDJ and I listen to music made on that software nearly full-time (exaggeration), this sounds very different from typical LSDJ fare. The entire song consists of notes just barely long enough to hear, like he wanted there to be equal parts silence and noise only chopped up very finely. It's not easily placed in any genre I'm familiar with, either. All around, I just don't know what to make of this! I like it though, and I'll be waiting for a full-fledged release from Fun Secret.

Fun Secret's website

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Interview with Brian Mazzaferri of I Fight Dragons

A couple weeks ago, just days after booting 8BD out of hibernation mode, I got an email from Atlantic Records asking me if I'd like to interview the band I Fight Dragons for my site. I've never been asked to do anything like this, in fact it's usually been me on the requesting end, asking people for permission to release their music, if they have websites they'd like me to link to alongside their featured track. But it was a cool opportunity to promote a band that's working hard at getting off the ground and becoming a full-fledged professional bunch of musicians. So I agreed and sent Brian, their lead singer/songwriter/founder a bunch of questions. Here are his answers!

Did you have experience writing chiptunes before IFD was started, or did you decide to try your hand at it shortly before deciding you could work it into your band's repertoire?

Brian: Actually, it all kind of came around at the same time. When I was first working with Bill Prokopow, our first project together was making a demo of "Heads Up, Hearts Down" back in very early 2008. I had randomly thought the song would work well with an intro that sounded as if it was the song coming out of a nintendo, so we mocked one up using the internal Logic synths, and were quite pleased with ourselves. After showing it to a few people, I decided to look on the internet to see if people had done that sort of thing before, and I stumbled upon the whole world of chiptune. I was immediately hooked, got myself a copy of LSDJ and started using it on my old DMG from growing up. However, I will say my interest in chiptune was always related to how to use it in a full-band setting, since that's the world I come from, I'm not really an electronic musician by trade.

8BD: Have you ever written music for non-Game Boy trackers, or used other consoles in your live performance?

Brian: I've played around with FamiTracker and NitroTracker, which were cool but not as portable as LSDJ since I can bring my DMG anywhere with me and write. I also have a midiNES which I find to be AWESOME in a studio setting and can do a ton of things with sweeps and samples that I don't find LSDJ as useful for. I've also got 2 Pixelh8 Music Tech carts for GBA which I've used in recording settings as well.

In a live sense we tend to sample the sounds and trigger them using controllers, since the complication of mixing all of those different consoles and samples (we tend to ignore polyphony limitations) would be near impossible, and more than that I like the idea that we're triggering electronic sounds in real time, turning them into instruments in a way.

8BD: What gave you guys the idea to allow 100 people to have unlimited access to future shows/CDs/etc. for $100?

Brian: That was just out of my twisted imagination. I think it's been really cool, and the fans have really responded well too, although I will say it was a one-time thing. We might do a lesser permutation of it in the future, and we'll definitely continue to search for ways to push the boundaries of the industry.

8BD: Was it a bit of a surprise to you guys that the band took off as well and as quickly as it did?

Brian: Yes. There's no other way to put it. Yes. I mostly did it because I wanted chiptune-pop-rock to exist, and I tried to build some kind of sustainable career around it, but none of us had any clue it would skyrocket this far this fast. It's incredibly humbling and exciting all at once.

8BD: Is it true that you guys are getting some sweet custom-made superhero digs for on-stage, and if so when do you think they'll be ready?

Brian: Sort of. We've all got our own logos which represent each of us, and we just debuted our new outfits which incorporate those logos earlier this week on tour. There's some pics up from the first show here, and we'll be putting new promo shots up on our website soon.

8BD: What made you decide to wear all DC Comics shirts rather than all Marvel Comics or a mix of both?

Brian: You know the biggest thing for me is that I love Superman. I love what he stands for, I love that no one really thinks he's cool any more, and I love the mythos surrounding him. From there I just thought it would be weird to mix Marvel stuff in there, although I will say there was one photo shoot where Bill wore a Captain America shirt mostly because it's impossible to find a 6th Justice League shirt (we ended up custom making his Hawkman shirts later on)

8BD: Do you have any favorite chiptune artist/artists/band?

Brian: You know, I feel like there's a decidedly mixed reaction to us from the chiptune scene, because we're not pure chiptune. Admittedly, we've never pretended to be, it's just one element of what we do. All the same, I do love chiptune in lots of its forms, despite the artists mixed reaction to us as a band. A few of my favs are Chipzel, 8 bit weapon, Anamanaguchi, Starscream, and YMCK.

8BD: Since getting signed to a record deal with Atlantic earlier this year, do you feel as if you've had more or less time to concentrate on fan interactions? What's changed since getting signed?

Brian: Well, it's a tricky question to answer, because we've been in a big transition period that would've happened whether we signed with Atlantic or not. We've been working on our first full-length album for the past few months, as well as working on our new website and generally trying to figure out how to make it all work on a larger scale. So there's been less free music emails and fan interaction. However, we've kept up with weekly internet call-in shows, Facebook, and more, and we'll soon be relaunching our email list with lots of new material and free downloads coming every couple weeks, so I feel like ultimately we'll get to do more fan interaction on a grander scale, which excites me greatly.

8BD: What games did you bring with you when you were on tour? Are there any new games you want to play while on the road for the upcoming summer tour?

Brian: Hmm, well we've got a PS3 and an XBOX 360 on the bus. Not enough room for a Wii :P We've also got laptops with fully stocked emulators too and USB retro controllers. As far as specific games, I know last tour I played a lot of Secret of Mana, Packy played a lot of Kung Fu, Bill got Left 4 Dead 2 and started playing lots of that. I know JJ our manager has been playing a lot of Robotrek (an old SNES RPG) this tour, and I brought FFXIII to finish it although I haven't had much time yet. We played a bunch of Street Fighter 2 the first couple days, I've been playing a lot of Command & Conquer for the iPad too, so I guess generally lots of different ones. JJ and I played a round of hotseat Settlers of Catan for iPhone today :P

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Shiru - Fase Dos

Shiru wrote the software to make this song, I think that is more hardcore than most other chiptune musicians out there. It's also a 1-bit tracker, giving it a very distinct sound. You can hear that it only likes to do one noise at a time, so the drums have a sort of "perfect sidechain" effect to them, and playing two notes at once gives it a strange flanger sort of noise. It's awesome!

Shiru's website

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Liphian - Two of a Kind

It might strike those of you that don't listen to the vast archives of websites like or as a bit strange for me to say this, but this song sounds like something you might hear in an NES or maybe Game Boy title! A lot of people, naturally, think that everything on this website sounds "just like Mario" or whatever stupid way they'd communicate that sentiment, but there's usually a wide chasm between the songwriting styles of people who grew up listening to a blend of modern music and video game music and the people with more classical music composition backgrounds who were writing music that sounded unlike anything made previously. This is one of the very few songs I've heard that captures the essence of what it takes to be in an NES platformer. I could absolutely play some Castlevania to this.

Liphian's website

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

??? - Magic Whale Trick

Done by a man of mystery. I'd like to know who made this, it's really awesome and professional sounding, so you know there's got to be more! But anyway, I have no links to share, except for the page on which this was found.

The page (leave a comment!)

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AFTER HOURS EDIT: ??? got in touch with me on to let me know that "???" is for real his artist name. This of course makes it completely impossible to ever look him up, but he supplied me with a handy link to more of his work! He's got a handle on chiptune Dubstep, that's for sure. Enjoy!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Gijs' Various Creations

Completely different from my typical sort of thing, this guy's creations are incredible. Some videos for you:

HSS3b demo from Gijs on Vimeo.

HSS3 Hypnotoad from Gijs on Vimeo.

Synth Car V1 from Gijs on Vimeo.

Acid Machine V2 from Gijs on Vimeo.

Plenty more on Gijs' Vimeo page!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Drome - Death Runs Over Me Every Day

Kind of a strange one to attribute, but here I go: This is by a band called Drome, the track was uploaded by the producer/arranger of the track, Zabutom, the singer, lyricist, and player of chords goes by Iris, and the music equipment belongs to Miniclash. I only have a website for one of the three (four?) parties, and that's Zabutom.

So that's out of the way. Check out this song! It's got lyrics, wicked solos, some jazzy lines, and a pleasant unassuming demeanor. I dare you to not like it! Just try! You can't do it.

Zabutom's website

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The 8BC page (leave a comment!)

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

OxygenStar - Easier Done than Said

Two songs in one! There's a great 80's fantasy epic adventure sounding theme for the first three minutes, a minute of interlude, and then some end-of-the-world jams at 3:53. It's a bit droning, really gritty, and tough as anything. It's really incredible to me that sounds like this come out of a DOS program, but I've heard some insane noises come from the docile Game Boy, so I suppose it shouldn't be a surprise!

OxygenStar's website

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Freezedream - Falling Without Landing

8BD is a little overdue for some lush chords, this oughtta fix that. The bass in this track is extremely subtle but very effective. It comes in around 1:00, you'll see what I mean!

Freezedream's website

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Linde - Heights

We got some FM synths, we got some atypical time signatures, we got some funky drums, oh yeah. This release is pretty cool as it's a sort of narrative collection of five songs about a manned craft that flies out from the sea and into space (this is the space song). Play it in reverse; it'll be as if the spaceship is plummeting into the ocean!

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Get "Lander", the whole release!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Teleidofusion - Summer Mood

What is this? We've got some JAZZ on 8-Bit Daily?! This whole album is a piece of work; much different from your typical chiptune fare. Put out by one of my personal favorite chiptune sites Ubiktune, this is a collab between the site's administrator C-Jeff and a musician colleague of his named Megus.

Teleidofusion's website

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Get "Around Past", the entire release!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Multifaros - 7AM

Discontinuous, jerked around, and confusing in some parts but possessing a down-to-earth beat covered with a great catchy moving line in other parts, 7AM is the most bizarre track to be found on Multifaros' recent release put out by CalmDownKidder Records. As the cover art explicitly states, the whole release was made with Reason 3, his guitar, and a recording device. This track is a great example of a blend of all sorts of chiptune influence (FM synthesis instruments that barely sound like "chiptunes" proper; that trumpet instrument you hear is FM) with real live instruments and more modern sounding composing (such as the drum samples galore). The use of chiptune as an ingredient rather than by itself can have - as you'll hear today - some great results.

Multifaros' website

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Get "Dreams", the entire release!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

J. Arthur Keenes - Oprah Shmup

The result of a ridiculous music-writing challenge (details can be found on the post), this track combines four solo sections, one of which is a drum solo, samples of Oprah's voice (which seriously freaked me out) and a general shoot-em-up (shmup) theme throughout. There's been quite a few songs by The J. Arthur Keenes Band on this site before, and if you go back and listen to them all you might be struck by the variability in styles and techniques he achieves. One bit of common ground throughout the J.A.K. library, however, is plain and simple catchy songwriting you can't help but get into!

J. Arthur Keenes' website

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bit Rat - Ultramarine

Well, tomorrow's the one year anniversary of 8-Bit Daily! Or at least it's the one year anniversary of me registering! I've let this place fall into shambles, and it's a real shame. But I've got my renewal fees for the domain paid, and I'm gonna get this website back up and running! I think this song pretty well sums up my feeling on the matter! Let's gooooooooooooooo~~!!!

Bit Rat's website

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Get "Test Subject", the entire release!

Monday, March 15, 2010

ShmallowMan - 8-Bit Constellations

So, I'm poking around when I really ought to be asleep for my early morning tomorrow, or at least doing the homework I was planning on doing tomorrow morning, or something, but no. I had to find a chiptune cover of Frank Sinatra by Cake. And so I had to come blow the dust off of 8BD and post it for everyone to hear!

ShmallowMan's website

The page

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Maxo 01 - Railroad Chase

Oh hey guys! This track is pretty sweet because even though the instrumentation isn't ostentatiously "chiptune", the musical stylings of it are. A nice example of how chiptunes aren't just an instrumental choice, but an actual style of songwriting (in my opinion, I mean, and I'm probably totally wrong). I heard this song and decided that I would love to have it in the "8BD Library" as I've been known to call it today, and so... Here it is. Check it out!

Maxo 01's website

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Friday, January 15, 2010

Sievert - Black Hole Cannon


This song is intense! It might scare you into turning the volume down like I did because the kick is so raw. It sounds like it's going to punch out your subwoofer! Anyway, go ahead and download this whole release, it's definitely worth your while. Sievert's a great artist, I enjoyed following his musical rapport between the anonymous Dr. Szliszka on, but it would seem that saga has ended and Space Captain Sievert is the victor!

Sievert's website

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

DEER - It Must Have Been My Happy Robot Dog!

Something about this track sounds like it would be played during a grandiose demo, something about its chord progression early on. If I knew theory I'd tell you particularly what was going on, but hey, I don't! Anyway, here's another late-night 8BD post for you owls/vampires out there. I realized that I have no time in the middle of the day like I used to (I'm back in school), and so it looks like I'll have to just squeeze 8BD picks in whenever I can, lest this site fade forever into obscurity!

DEER's website

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Cathode Rays - Evil Cartridge

I just found out about this guy today, it looks like most of his music was uploaded in the recent period of time during which I've had little opportunity to feature tracks. You guys might not all realize it, but in the span of a few days I can find myself 200+ tracks behind the latest upload, making staying "up to date" an incredible task. In recent months, I've been hitting the "mark all read" button just to get through some of the stack and back up to current music.

Ya see, if you have a collection of 1,000 tracks that are for all intents and purposes completely random in terms of who made them and how "good" (defined by my subjective taste which determines whether a song is placed on this site or not) they are, and you eliminate 800 of them, you are left with 200 tracks that are of practically identical distribution in terms of the quality of the songs. So I have no problem eliminating a couple hundred tracks from ever being considered for this site. Thing is, I'd be a few thousand tracks deep by now if I weren't clearing them out once in a while.

But what ends up happening here in the REAL WORLD, where I'm not just eliminating completely randomized samples of songs but possibly the entire existence of some artists or truly outstanding songs greater than any 8BD pick hence is that people like Cathode Rays get completely overlooked.

There is a solution to this, however! You can email me a link to your music! This blasts your music from some generic RSS entry that has a somewhat troublingly high chance of never being heard up to a track that I will not only listen to, but pay attention to! I am human, and listening to a lot (a LOT) of tracks can get to be a bit much. It is refreshing to get linked directly to music! It makes it interesting.

Sorry for the thesis! I just want you to know that it's cool if you email me with songs.

Cathode Rays works at Harmonix, the company that first made Guitar Hero, then was somehow made to compete against Guitar Hero 3 with Rock Band (there's more to that story if you want to read for a little while, but it's kind of funny/crazy). I think that is about the raddest job of anyone I've ever talked to. I don't really know what a person would have to do for a living to have a cooler job in my book, though! Work for NASA? Be a professional Building Exploder? I just don't know!

Cathode Rays' website

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Monday, January 11, 2010

Animalstyle - Superrr Forrrrm

Off of the latest Pause release - Animalstyle's "Teletime" - is this purely NES song. You might notice on the release's page that alongside the option to download MP3 or FLAC versions of the tracks there is an option to buy an NES cartridge or download an NES ROM! Similar to Alex Mauer's Vegavox II, you can get all these tracks on an NES cartridge that will play on your old system (given it still works)! If you are unfortunate enough to not have an NES of your own, or if you'd rather not buy the cartridge version (but let's be real, I'm just talking to the people without an NES here), you can get the ROM which, by utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, allows you to experience many sensations similar to what you would on the original Nintendo! Oh how lucky you are to live in such a day and age!

Animalstyle's website

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ORBiT-8* - Stickerbrush Symphony

This track is a cover of a song from Donkey Kong Country 2! If, like me, you aren't familiar with the original, check it out! There's some very interesting noises in that original; it really shows what can be accomplished with the SNES's powerful soundchip. In relation to the original, though, this cover has some rad, buzzy bass going on which I like a lot, and faithfully reproduces the sedate mood of the song. Good night-time music, which seems applicable since it's almost 11PM here, haha. Latest post ever! (Just wait a few minutes and this record will be broken, though!)

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Friday, January 8, 2010

Lamb - Setting Sun

The original is an .xm, meaning it's not EXACTLY chiptune, but .xm files are typically made with trackers, and are the most direct descendents of the music formats used on old computers like the Atari ST, Amiga, Commodore, CPC etc. which are the foundation of the demo/chiptune scene.

Anyway, this track, like all the others that I have listened to by Lamb, is just gorgeous. Very rich chords, the cleanest instruments you can imagine, and solid but not overbearing percussion, with some great breaks in there just to keep you guessing. I highly recommend checking out the other tracks uploaded by this user.

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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Joshua Morse - Funk Bump

Frequency Modulation Synthesis is just great. In class today there was an old physics demo we watched on LASER DISC, and it had this awesome FM Synth intro complete with spacey synth drums and gobs of delay/reverb. No such luck here, this is a bit of the FM noise that successfully transitioned into the modern era without dating itself too badly. And it's by an newcomer! He's clearly no noobie to writing music, but this is the only track of his on there. Maybe google will turn up some more!

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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wigfred - Nosey

Is it an organ or is it chiptunes? Either way, this song is probably the most chilled out track I've ever featured, in a great way! The 6-bar phrases give it a pretty unique feel, also. If you're not listening for them it can sound like the track is one extended phrase, meandering as it pleases, but try and listen for where the patterns begin and end! It makes the song more enjoyable. Also, and I don't know exactly why, it reminds me of foggy mornings.

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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Daft Bits - Around Da Chip!

Daft Punk's "Around the World" (one of my least favorite songs by them, if I can be honest) remixed quite heavily and recreated using FM Synthesis, the technique of sound generation that gave Sega consoles (most memorably the Genesis/Master System era ones) a sound very different from that of other consoles (SNES which came earlier and PS1 which came after were both pretty much sample-based, though I believe SNES had basic waveform generators, but I'm not completely certain).

In short, music that I can't help but love.

And just like that, I'm caught up!! Well, for the days I missed over New Year's, anyway. Still have a few to make up from the Blip Trip, but I'll get around to it.

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Nick Maynard - Lightning is Badass

Oh no! A profane word on 8-Bit Daily! I like to keep this site "family-friendly", even though I'm fairly certain my audience is nothing but a bunch of crass, vulgar hooligans ;)

But to the point, this track has a very deceptive little intro that you ought to be getting through at this point in the paragraph (you folks DO listen to the song while reading my writeup, don't you?), and there's this break... (wait for it) That's just so huge, isn't it? Lots of contrast in this song. The thrashy section has some great NES-sounding instrumentation, and it reminds me a bit of Anamanaguchi but with... Dare I even say it? More distortion!!

Oh and you're not going crazy, this is the second update today. I'll probably do more. Depends on if I find anything good or not, but I've got a pretty wide-open afternoon for the first time in days so I'm doing a bit of "catch-up" today!

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KiddyBit - Racer Kid

It's all about the kids with this kid, apparently. I have to say that I wasn't very hopeful for this track when I saw the track title. It's also by an artist I've heard nothing by before (despite the fact that he's been occasionally uploading tracks to since Feb '09!), so when I heard this well-produced dancey-but-not-just-a-loop track, I was, I'll admit, a bit surprised! I love finding secret gems like this and sharing them. It feels like what 8BD is most useful for!

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