Monday, January 11, 2010

Animalstyle - Superrr Forrrrm

Off of the latest Pause release - Animalstyle's "Teletime" - is this purely NES song. You might notice on the release's page that alongside the option to download MP3 or FLAC versions of the tracks there is an option to buy an NES cartridge or download an NES ROM! Similar to Alex Mauer's Vegavox II, you can get all these tracks on an NES cartridge that will play on your old system (given it still works)! If you are unfortunate enough to not have an NES of your own, or if you'd rather not buy the cartridge version (but let's be real, I'm just talking to the people without an NES here), you can get the ROM which, by utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, allows you to experience many sensations similar to what you would on the original Nintendo! Oh how lucky you are to live in such a day and age!

Animalstyle's website

The Pause page (leave a comment!)

Get it!

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