Thursday, January 7, 2010

Joshua Morse - Funk Bump

Frequency Modulation Synthesis is just great. In class today there was an old physics demo we watched on LASER DISC, and it had this awesome FM Synth intro complete with spacey synth drums and gobs of delay/reverb. No such luck here, this is a bit of the FM noise that successfully transitioned into the modern era without dating itself too badly. And it's by an newcomer! He's clearly no noobie to writing music, but this is the only track of his on there. Maybe google will turn up some more!

Joshua Morse's website

The 8BC page (leave a comment!)

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  1. oh god, it's like a toejam and earl level that never was. i fucking love it.

  2. This is epic + wonderful + crazy + insanely groovy.

  3. From the release Waveform on Pause all the way back in 2007. It's got a lot of other good stuff on it.