Friday, January 15, 2010

Sievert - Black Hole Cannon


This song is intense! It might scare you into turning the volume down like I did because the kick is so raw. It sounds like it's going to punch out your subwoofer! Anyway, go ahead and download this whole release, it's definitely worth your while. Sievert's a great artist, I enjoyed following his musical rapport between the anonymous Dr. Szliszka on, but it would seem that saga has ended and Space Captain Sievert is the victor!

Sievert's website

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  1. the 'download this whole relese' hyperlink text does not work bro, unless it's meant to take you to a 'problem loading page' page.

    but this song is sweet

  2. hmm that would be because seems to be down. wonder what's up with that? (a lot of the songs on this site won't work, consequently)