Sunday, January 3, 2010

Nick Maynard - Lightning is Badass

Oh no! A profane word on 8-Bit Daily! I like to keep this site "family-friendly", even though I'm fairly certain my audience is nothing but a bunch of crass, vulgar hooligans ;)

But to the point, this track has a very deceptive little intro that you ought to be getting through at this point in the paragraph (you folks DO listen to the song while reading my writeup, don't you?), and there's this break... (wait for it) That's just so huge, isn't it? Lots of contrast in this song. The thrashy section has some great NES-sounding instrumentation, and it reminds me a bit of Anamanaguchi but with... Dare I even say it? More distortion!!

Oh and you're not going crazy, this is the second update today. I'll probably do more. Depends on if I find anything good or not, but I've got a pretty wide-open afternoon for the first time in days so I'm doing a bit of "catch-up" today!

Nick Maynard's website

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  1. wow. thank you for featuring my song. this site is awesome and i can't wait to dive into your archives.

    i linked to your site from my blog -

  2. hey, i just thought i'd send you my new song since you featured my last one -


  3. Hello, Nice track ! I love this sound ! ;) Chipmusic 4ever !