Friday, May 21, 2010

Pieces Of Eight - Eraser to Erase Her

8BD is getting old enough where I can do cool things like click the random post link at the top, find one I remember liking a lot, and then going to the artist's page to see what's new, and then picking that as a new 8BD!

Not that that's what I did today, oh no, I was just listening to some tracks from over a month ago, because I suspected something good to have been posted then, and I was right!

Pieces of Eight's website

The 8BC page (leave a comment!)

Get it!


  1. Are there any plans to release a torrent or somesuch of all the 8bitdaily songs from the past year or so? That would be pretty much rad.

  2. I'm wondering how I want to release a large pack of the 8BD playlist... Maybe flash drives? DVDs? A simple torrent, like you said? But something like that will definitely happen, yeah. :D

  3. Hi, I've mentioned your blog in my article about the omnichord - a great 8-bit instrument!

  4. and this is the link, enjoy (if you understand German :-)

  5. Very appreciated, Ulrich! And I don't understand German, but Google does ;)