Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Liphian - Two of a Kind

It might strike those of you that don't listen to the vast archives of websites like 8bitcollective.com or chipmusic.org as a bit strange for me to say this, but this song sounds like something you might hear in an NES or maybe Game Boy title! A lot of people, naturally, think that everything on this website sounds "just like Mario" or whatever stupid way they'd communicate that sentiment, but there's usually a wide chasm between the songwriting styles of people who grew up listening to a blend of modern music and video game music and the people with more classical music composition backgrounds who were writing music that sounded unlike anything made previously. This is one of the very few songs I've heard that captures the essence of what it takes to be in an NES platformer. I could absolutely play some Castlevania to this.

Liphian's website

The Chipmusic.org page (leave a comment!)

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