Thursday, April 22, 2010

Multifaros - 7AM

Discontinuous, jerked around, and confusing in some parts but possessing a down-to-earth beat covered with a great catchy moving line in other parts, 7AM is the most bizarre track to be found on Multifaros' recent release put out by CalmDownKidder Records. As the cover art explicitly states, the whole release was made with Reason 3, his guitar, and a recording device. This track is a great example of a blend of all sorts of chiptune influence (FM synthesis instruments that barely sound like "chiptunes" proper; that trumpet instrument you hear is FM) with real live instruments and more modern sounding composing (such as the drum samples galore). The use of chiptune as an ingredient rather than by itself can have - as you'll hear today - some great results.

Multifaros' website

The CDK page (leave a comment!)

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