Thursday, April 29, 2010

Drome - Death Runs Over Me Every Day

Kind of a strange one to attribute, but here I go: This is by a band called Drome, the track was uploaded by the producer/arranger of the track, Zabutom, the singer, lyricist, and player of chords goes by Iris, and the music equipment belongs to Miniclash. I only have a website for one of the three (four?) parties, and that's Zabutom.

So that's out of the way. Check out this song! It's got lyrics, wicked solos, some jazzy lines, and a pleasant unassuming demeanor. I dare you to not like it! Just try! You can't do it.

Zabutom's website

The page (leave a comment!)
The 8BC page (leave a comment!)

Get it!

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  1. hey, i think you can check more about the Drome here :

    Kind of weird weblog, full of interesting stuff about music and also art, cartoon, graphism etc. Very eclectic btw !