Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bit Rat - Ultramarine

Well, tomorrow's the one year anniversary of 8-Bit Daily! Or at least it's the one year anniversary of me registering 8bitdaily.com! I've let this place fall into shambles, and it's a real shame. But I've got my renewal fees for the domain paid, and I'm gonna get this website back up and running! I think this song pretty well sums up my feeling on the matter! Let's gooooooooooooooo~~!!!

Bit Rat's website

The Chipmusic.org forum post (leave a comment!)

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Get "Test Subject", the entire release!


  1. I know how difficult these blog a day kind of project from personal experience and I just wanted to say I think you've done a terrific job. It may have turned in to 8 Bit Monthly, but when you do post it's usually with some golden content... and besides I've seen much sparse posting on some of my own blogs (like www.drownradio.com for instance) than what you have going here. I hope you'll continue to post when you have the time.
    I'm especially interested in hearing more new chiptune bands with mellow vocals.

  2. Chiptune bands with vocals of any kind are pretty scarce, but I'll keep posting what I find! J. Arthur Keenes is the only recommendation I can make based on that criteria, have you heard his tunes?

  3. Yeah, I've been an rss subscriber to 8BD since it started, and I know you've posted a few of his tracks during that time.
    I love hearing Bit Shifter starting to add more and more vox on his stuff. I'm hoping his upcoming album may even have some singing too, but he'll probably save the vocals for coversongs and whatnot.