Friday, August 6, 2010

Anamanaguchi - My Skateboard Will Go On

Sup guys! I took a little break from chiptunes recently, but you all knew that. I've been playing a ton of Starcraft 2, listening to non-chiptune music, and basically being a big lamer all summer, working and sitting around. Hurf durf to the maximum, that's right.

So I'm done with that crap, I went onto my usual sites (see the bottom of this page for what exactly those are) to find some FRESH MATERIAL, and of course my progress was instantly halted when I went on and saw that Anamanaguchi had procured the top two most-liked spots on the chart. Well sheesh just listen to this track, they deserve the entire chart. It should just say "ANAMANAGUCHI'S UPLOADS" over there because god they are KILLING it.

Anamanaguchi's website

The 8BC page (leave a comment!)

Get it!

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  1. To add to the excitement, they did the soundtrack to the Scott Pilgrim DLC Game, which is pretty much a whole Anamaguchi album in itself!