Saturday, July 11, 2009

EvilWezil - Veridis Quo

Off of the recently released 8-bit Daft Punk cover album "Da Chip" comes a rendition of maybe my favorite Daft Punk song. I just couldn't help myself! Obviously the whole CD compilation is worth getting, and I highly recommend it if only to hear this song and Random's version of "Short Circuit". That's plenty of reason on its own. So go! Download it as hard as you can!!

EvilWezil's Website

Get It!


  1. Good pick. I dug this one. It was pretty long but it didn't really get boring because of all the "variations in theme"

    Sounded good.


  2. Aw, I can't get it. It says "Error 404 - Not found" :(

  3. The site appears to have gone down, Strideo :X I'm uploading it now, I'll have a link for you to download it in a few minutes.