Friday, July 31, 2009

Xylo - Friday

The latest 8-Bit Daily of all time. Forgive my tardiness, my faithful readers/listeners! I am here with delicious demoscene .mod .xm music stuff! It's like when a parent is running late home from work and it's just awful weather outside with ice on the roads and power outages are surely just minutes away and they're already flashing school closings for the next day on the TV because this is "the big one" and you're starting to get worried and maybe they got in a car accident and maybe they're never going to come home and what's this somebody's pulling into the driveway oh god oh god it's the police isn't it they're here to tell me that I'm going to be an orphan and move to the Czech Republic or something but then~!! Oh they're home! And they brought A PIPING HOT PIZZA! That's why they were late! Oh I was acting so silly, of course they were okay, what was I thinking!

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  1. Ok - your intro got me interested. THEN CLICK - AND IT'S TRUE! I AM an orphan - the pizza slipped and burned the driver's crotch sending them off the road and into a tree!

    (link is dead)

    But there's still hope because I can feel a pulse.