Monday, September 28, 2009

2NRO8OT - Constellation

Every time a new guy pops up on 8BC who is:

- Russian
- Speaks in very broken English
- Leaves lots of comments
- Has notably good music (or at least professional sounding music)

I instantly suspect it to be the work of the infamous user "Mazi" who has had innumerable banned accounts, with just as many #1 positions on the weekly "like" charts, and has plagiarized from a very large number of different artists, both visual (for "album art" or whatever) and musical (sometimes taking entire collections of music and just releasing it under a different name). I'm just saying, here and now, that Tune Robot could be another Mazi account. He is all those things.

That said, it's a good tune and it does sound original enough (though you can never be sure). We'll see how this plays out, and if "Tune Robot" turns out to be another scam. Enjoy the tune!

Tune Robot's website

The 8BC page (leave a comment!)

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