Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Nestrogen - Crushed To Bits

It's rare that I feature a song with singing in it! I think the last one I featured was Bud Melvin's track "I'm Old Fashioned", which had generally positive reactions from people that listened to it. The odd part about this track isn't exactly that it has vocals, though, but that this song is so different stylistically from the rest of the album it's a part of. I think the achilles' heel of this EP (which is quite an EP since it's 13 tracks with a cumulative length of 33:38) is the mixing more than the composition. The melodies often seem buried or just weak and it's not the melody itself but the presence it holds in the song that forms this problem. I liked Crushed To Bits because it didn't suffer from this, and actually proved to be quite the opposite with a great saw wave right off the bat that knows exactly what's up.

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  1. sadly, the album is no longer available on Mediafire, but thanks for the track. It's great!

  2. sorry, the link on the 8BC forum is dead, but the link on his myspace page is good