Saturday, September 19, 2009

tssf - Megaman Medley

tssf says he's been working on this project for 3 weeks, and contains a track from all of the original Megaman games (with sound effects and everything thrown in there!). And for anyone who thinks he just jammed it together with some audio editor, he's got the NSF file to prove its authenticity!

Anyway I like seeing projects like this come to fruition (not that I knew about it before it was finished, but I like the result), not to mention the technical aptitude required to perfectly recreate the drums and instrumentation used in the original games. Impressive!

tssf's Website

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  1. Excellent stuff here, keep it coming!

  2. That's phenomenal! I've always loved Megaman's music, and this is, if possible, an improvement.

  3. I love all Tssf's megaman jams... megaman is 80% why I make chip music, the other 20% being that I love gameboys just as

    I would love to hear him redo the whole megaman 2 soundtrack like he did with Megaman 9. Better quality stuff like this means I can listen to it in my