Wednesday, October 28, 2009

FantomenK - Goodbye Summer, Hello Winter

Brrr, it's getting cold out! Almost all the leaves are off of almost all the trees around here, and my feet are not perpetually cold when I'm sitting on the computer. Fall weather won't be here for much longer!

Speaking of winter, there's some cool chiptune stuff happening in December! Most importantly there's Blip '09 on the 16th-20th, the biggest chiptune concert/festival in the nation (maybe the world!). Also in December (the 7th), I'll be playing a show with Octavialsilver and Elsh, two musicians from Michigan, over in Detroit on the campus of Oakland University!

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  1. Is it me, or has the quality of stuff really improved in the past few weeks?

  2. just u.

    there's ben rad stuff in this piece for forever and a half.

    But there have been some epics lately. I want new Chipzel. :-)