Saturday, October 31, 2009

m0d - Pienataur Returns

This guy uploads so much music, and they've all got "pie" in the name. Well, most of them. This one sounded creepy, and since it's HALLOWEEN today I figured it would fit in nicely!

So, what are you chiptune people dressing up as? Anything? I'm 22 and happy to say I'm not too old to get a costume together.

Not the same clothes as pictured, but this was one of the rare shots with Hank, Dean, and Triana all in the same frame.

I'm gonna be Dean Venture (the red-head). My twin brother's going as Hank (the blonde) and my girlfriend is Triana (the goth chick). If you follow me on Twitter, you know I get down to business when Venture Brothers is on!

We got wristwatch walkie-talkies, we dyed our hair... It's epic.

m0d's website

The 8BC page (leave a comment!)

Get it!


  1. I have a costume of Dmitri Tokamak from Dresden Codak but you have to be a huge nerd in order to have even heard of it, and it's a bulky sweater so I'm probably not going to wear it. But I encourage you to "Trick and/or Treat (The Candy raid is on!)"


  2. I love Dresden Codak! The guy with the lightning bolt on red, with blonde hair right? That's a good idea for a costume, but yeah, not a lot of people will know of it (only two of my coworkers even know of the Venture Brothers, and that's on cable TV!)

  3. venture brothers is the best.
    i was spock. My GF was uhura (the "new" one with the ponytail).

    This song is dope, but it sounds like yiddish folk music a little! Doesn't creep me out at all. :-)