Monday, November 16, 2009

Bubblyfish - Follow the Red Dots

So! Today I woke up (a bit late, since I was up until 4:30AM playing the game Borderlands with a friend), checked the email, and had an email from a fella named André (you may know him as Pulselooper) asking if I would be willing/able to promote the upcoming FILE 8-Bit Game People concert which is happening in Brazil next week!

This concert looks absolutely fantastic, with the lineup consisting of Bit Shifter, Covox, Random, Bubblyfish, Sabrepulse, noteNdo and of course Pulselooper. Talk about a great show!

So I was like "yeah! I'll promote this show so hard!" by which I mean I'll mention it/link to it twice this week. :)

I went to the link Pulselooper provided ( and started lookin' around. The show is being put on by an organization in Brazil called FILE. In addition to the chiptune scene, the organization has an interest in modern video game development as well as electronic music and art. It looks like a pretty rad outfit, and the list of all their events makes me want to fly down there pretty badly (besides this concert, there's a game developer symposium type thing, which my lo-fi-game-designer-heroes at PixelJam will be attending!)

I then found the following video (music by Bubblyfish, art by Raquel Meyers) linked to at the bottom of the site, watched it, loved it, and decided to feature it. This was within, oh, ten minutes of waking up. It's now an hour later and I am just finishing documenting this rather short experience!

Bubblyfish's website
Raquel Meyers' website

The page (leave a comment!)

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