Monday, November 30, 2009

Starscream - The Rad Truths About Hockey Fights

Starscream is two guys, one of whom makes LSDJ jams and the other who jams on drums. It is altogether one big jamming experience to see them live. Starscream is also the second-in-command of the Decepticons, often to the chagrin of Megatron, their leader. You see, Megatron doesn't want Starscream to become the Decepticons' number one; he wants to retain his power (of course). But Starscream cares not for the solidarity of his faction, but only for the advancement of his own rank. Due partly to this (and to extremely poor marksmanship), the Decepticons always fall to the Autobots, who know to rally behind Optimus Prime and never attempt to usurp his leadership. Optimus is the symbol of a just leader, Megatron the symbol of a dictator or power hungry totalitarian, and Starscream is basically the representative of anarchy, chaos, and rebellion.

And that is why Starscream is such a cool name for a band.

Starscream's website

The 8BC page (leave a comment!)

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  1. Starscream has always been my favorite Transformer, and I have to admit I'd be pretty pissed off if anyone else had decided to use his name.