Tuesday, November 17, 2009

little-scale - Hyper Plutonium

If you'll take a look at little-scale's last (which is actually his first) 8BD spot, you'll notice it's very loosely music compared to noise. It is an amazing display of control over a console's sound chip, and an interesting sonic experiment, but like many of little-scale's tracks it is a bit further in the deep end of the pool than most tracks that make it onto this site (it's also deeper than most tracks PERIOD).

That sort of experimental, circuit-bent-but-not aesthetic, where playing around with parameters takes precedence over the sequencing of notes is typically little-scale's trademark, which is why I was so shocked when I heard this cool upbeat track from him I just had no choice but to feature it. To loudly exclaim to the world "THIS IS LITTLE-SCALE'S MUSIC!"

Of course, there was also his release on Pause not too long ago: Dynasty, which was a great halfway point (melodies, obvious ones, breaking through the experimental tones of FM-synth drums and heaps of static), but this has to be the most melodic and straightforward track I've ever heard from him. It needs recognition for that.

little-scale's website

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  1. man, this track is amazing. i love what he does at the end with the fade out. sick.