Thursday, November 12, 2009

Videovalvontaa - Hiro

This compilation is strikingly divided between its first and second halves. It starts pretty intense with their track "Braino" which sounds like circuit bent noises and some thundery bass, accompanied by instruments that are best described as "post-apocalyptic". The next, "Van Ka", is a nice medium-tempo jam, what I like to call "tough guy walking music". "DMBSS121" is like... Halloween techno or something. It's pretty unique, and an absolute killer track. It was between that track and Hiro for my favorite.

"New Powers" and "J.F. Sebastian" let you down slowly, both tracks being more chilled out than their predecessors, but it isn't until "Hiro" that The End is HNGH really comes all the way down.

Both "Hiro" and "Lori Konkero" are hypnotizingly sedate. They really make the release feel like a solid package and not just a collection of songs, and "Lori Konkero" is pretty much a 7-minute long fadeout for the whole deal. I highly recommend you download the release (there's a handy link for that down below) and just put it on straight through some time. Excellent stuff.

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  1. I like this song, and I love the new theme! Looks real good.

    Okay so I realized I can log in on my LiveJournal to comment on this. What?? Can I subscribe to 8bd via LJ? Oh, internet.