Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Go back and look at the first post ever made here. It's the same artist as today! The whole reason I made 8-Bit Daily was because I had all these songs (the earliest bunch were my stockpile, but I knew there would be more) that I loved and thought people would really like if they heard them, but due to the small-time nature of many a chiptune artist and the large number of people producing music like this, they might not get proper notice. So I decided to start keeping a log of songs every day that deserve a listen from anyone interested in some good music.

I ran a similar site in high school, hosted on my home computer and shared with my friends, only it could be any kind of song whatsoever! I've always enjoyed sharing the music I like. A recurring daydream of mine is one in which giant speakers appear in the air, in the ground, in buildings' walls, in parks and on boats and mine shafts and forests and everywhere with anyone near it, and they are all playing the song I happen to be listening to. Blaring it, so everyone knows that THIS SONG IS IMPORTANT.

This site is the closest thing I've got to that!

2PLAYER's Website

Get It!

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