Monday, August 24, 2009

Skp - I Have Wolf Teeth

Some jammin' rock-out music by a guy named Skp. If there were a graph of how good this song sounds on the y-axis and how loud the song is on the x-axis, it would look something like the first-quadrant portion of the function


only well it probably wouldn't go up forever I mean are you ready to listen to a song that is INFINITELY LOUD? I think not. So maybe it would be like the composite function

y(x)=[x^2|0<x<n , y(x)=-1,000,000,000*x+(100+n^2)|n<x<∞] Where n is some positive number at which increases in volume result in a linear decrease in enjoyment of negative one trillion units of delight per one unit of volume, until some point p at which it is not at all enjoyed. Any further increases in volume might be impossible, or fatal, or just continue to be not-at-all-enjoyed. The equation doesn't tell us, because frankly I just made that up.

Yeah, that sounds about right. Turn this one up, but not quite "all the way"!

Skp's Website

Get It!

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