Monday, August 17, 2009

I Fight Dragons - Heads Up, Hearts Down

I really don't know if I Fight Dragons was headlining the show I went to (they played last) or not (Anamanaguchi and Starscream are the bands that are touring), but they played a great set and finished the concert out excellently. Despite the popularity of the band, Brian (lead singer and guitarist) knew who I was from our internet correspondences and knows about 8BD (Hi, Brian!). Actually, that's not just true of IFD; Starscream and Anamanaguchi both seemed to be familiar with this site as well. I think that's awesome!

So here we are at the end of the gigantic six-part update of how my weekend went. I hope you enjoyed the large amount of music I just dumped on your plate, and give these guys a listen! Tomorrow, it's back to normal!

My apologies to members of that uploaded stuff while I was away. I will probably never hear most of that stuff. Sorry. If you don't want to miss your chance, email me about it! norock at gmail dot com.

I Fight Dragon's Website

Get It!

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