Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sanczo Zapienkanka - Dancing in the Fallout

Made with DS-10. I've actually had the chance (since last I spoke about DS-10) play around with the program and I can now tell you first hand that it is terribly difficult to make music like today's track using that software.

TERRIBLY difficult. Its saving grace for me was the fact that it's a piano roll (despite having unbearably short phrases) layout and it's very, very fun to mess around with the simulated Kaoss Pad. The downside is that there's TWO instruments plus drums, and the instruments cannot be changed much during a phrase (i.e. you can't readily abuse the phrase and manipulate it into having, for all intents and purposes, two instruments in one instrument channel that conveniently never harmonize with each other). So making cool, thick music like this is a product of overdubbing or using the DS-10's wireless mode to sync multiple tracks together. Either way... Commendable!

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