Monday, August 17, 2009

Yatagarasu - Cut Off

Oddly appropriate for a song title, since Yatagarasu was unfortunately cut off in the middle of their set. Despite the fact that we were in a music cafe, a venue that (I assume) plays music on a regular basis, the neighbors were complaining about the volume. Of course, a band like this can't live with low volume (and would you want them to anyway?) and so after compromising a little bit, they were once again talked to and then got off the stage. Unfortunate, since now that I've bought their CD on iTunes and can listen to their stuff properly (i.e. not on Myspace) I've found that it's fantastic stuff! Their set, as short as it was, sounded really great. Also, Chris (NES Programmer and lead singer) uses Nintendo consoles differently from anyone else I've ever heard of to make music. Foot pedals and a giant drum machine/mixer looking thing are all manipulated constantly during the show, and noise just pours out of his two torn up consoles. It's really incredible.

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  1. I'm not sure if others are having this problem, but this song isn't playing for me, even though all the rest on your site are.

  2. Fixed! The file was an m4a which apparently doesn't like to work with the flash player. You should be good now!