Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Albino Ghost Monkey - Host

I was hopeful that a "Ghost Monkey" was a real animal. Alas, I have scoured Wikipedia with no result. Most disappointingly was the discovery that there is no catch-all "List of types of monkeys" page, the type of thing you might find for plenty other strange categories.

At any rate, this is a track I had not heard before today, and it makes me very excited to be going to Blip in... Hm, about 15 hours I'll be headed out the door! I'll be bringing my laptop and updating in my hotel though, so don't expect me to take a break or anything lame like that!

Albino Ghost Monkey's website (my best guess, anyway)

Get it!


  1. with ghost monkey, did you mean "tarsier"? :)

  2. Wow, awesome! I never knew they were called "ghost monkeys" also.

  3. in swedish they're called "spökdjur" which directly translates to "ghost animal"

  4. That's weird, mozeur! I checked the links, turned out to be a typo in the domain (copy/pasted so it was wrong on both). I coulda sworn I listened to the track again on this page, but I guess I couldn't have!

    At any rate, it works now!