Friday, December 11, 2009

Bit Shifter - Reformat The Planet

Bit Shifter is interesting in that the majority of his music has been released on compilations rather than on his own EPs/LPs. Just look at his Discography! Just a whole bunch of compilations, as well as "Life's A Bit Shifter" and "The Information Chase", where this track is from. I'm looking forward to seeing him play because I want to see if it's the same few tracks of his I've been listening to for so long now, or if he'll have a lot of stuff I've never heard!

Bit Shifter's website

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  1. Bit Shifter doesn't play too much of his "old stuff" like Information Chase any more. His live sets often slide towards the "harder" drum-and-bass stuff, which isn't my favorite. My feeling is that you should expect material in the vein of his track "Easy Prey" from 8BP100 and "Rough Weather".

    I'll be looking for you at Blip! Wear a name tag or something -- if I spot you I'm gonna buy you a beer.