Monday, December 14, 2009

Nullsleep - Supernova Kiss

The classic Nullsleep track! This song was on the legendary 8BP050, which acted as my formal introduction to chiptunes as a genre. Before then, I was familiar with downloading NSFs to listen to the old NES tunes, or going to (I'd been visiting that page since Windows 98 was the OS of choice, and downloading a MIDI was a serious investment in internet time) to listen to covers of videogame music rendered in a worse-than-the-original sounding style. Of course, I knew the music for Zelda: Ocarina of Time for the N64, but didn't own the console myself! It was my friend's! So I used the internet as a way to listen to the music of Gerudo Valley, or to listen to that whistley sledding theme from Mario 64 (a game I have, to this day, not played).

But it wasn't until 8BP050, when I heard of guys like Random and Anamanaguchi and Virt and Nullsleep that I finally understood the potential in taking the sounds that I really liked - the tones and styles of game music - and writing original compositions. And once I'd listened to 8BP050, and then gone to 8-Bit Peoples' site and used the Firefox plugin "DownThemAll!" to amass an awesome collection of 400+ chiptune tracks... It was over! From that point on, chiptunes have predominantly satiated my musical appetite.

Nullsleep, ladies and gents!

Nullsleep's website

Get it!

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