Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Coma - Skogens Djur 011

Some radical cracktro/demo/keygen/mod music! I did a bit of random digging around on keygenmusic.net (lol) and found this track which was released with a keygen for Goldwave (an audio program I've used before which is why I happened to click on that one). I thought it was a pretty sweet track, so I decided to check out the guy that made it, who I discovered to be a fella named Daniel Johansson, aka Coma.

This track is part of a 20-track release by him, which you can get here. Probably the oldest track I've featured, this one was written way back in '97! And suddenly, here it is, on a website in 2009. Oh, by the way, you'll need something like ModplugPlayer to listen to the .mod files, but it's worth it! They're cooler than .mp3s, since the files are telling your sound chip what to play rather than just giving some (potentially lossy) waveforms to be parroted by your speakers. Also, they can repeat partway the song, so you'll hear the intro but once and jam out to let's say Skogens Djur 020 for let's say ten minutes while writing up let's say a blog post about chiptunes. ;)

Coma's website

Get it!

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