Monday, December 7, 2009

Disasterpeace - Quartz

Disasterpeace is one of the Blip artists I'm most eagerly anticipating having the opportunity to watch. His songs aren't just good, they're emotive and varied. I'm expecting great stuff from the whole lineup, but I have a feeling that Disasterpeace's set will be a standout, given the nature of all the songs by him I've heard before. Anyway, here is one of his less heard tracks (if 8BC listens are any indicator, and I think they may be). Drink some coffee or something while you listen to this one!

Disasterpeace's website

The 8BC page (leave a comment!)

Get it!


  1. Thanks, I finished drinking my tea as soon as I saw this blogged. Otherwise, quite a delicious song.

  2. [****/****]

    very nice track. I'll have to check out more by the artist.

  3. Most of his stuff is great, but what I'm really excited for is his work in the indie game High Strangeness, which will hopefully be released at some point during 2010!