Monday, December 28, 2009

Silent Requiem - Killed By Cardboard

The bass on this one is just incredible. It sounds like a small lowpass filter was laid over the top though, since the lead instrument seems to have had its "edge" taken off. It's only in the awesome saw instrument and the super high-pitched tones that you really hear those high frequencies come out. I dunno, I just love the sound of it.

Silreq's website

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  1. That instrument is one of my favorite "tricks" or whatever on the c64, it's a triangle with some filter (the c64 has a built in filter) low with band I think, You do that to soften the fact that this instrument is also using the ring-mod and sync switch, and the channel it's synced with is running some pulse bass, so all that together = cool instrument, unfortunately when I played this live at blip I used a c64 with an 8580 instead of 6581 and it threw that instrument completetly off.

  2. this is incredible. downloaded. thanks for putting this one up.