Sunday, December 6, 2009

Chromix - Passive Resistance

My featuring Blip artists is an attempt to accomplish two things. The first is that you, as listeners of Chiptunes, might appreciate the music of the people who will soon be coming together to put on three awesome nights of music and visuals and maybe even choose to fly/drive out to NYC for the big event itself. The other is to expose you to artists who are, for lack of a more precise term, "legit". I mean, I look at the list of performers, and while I recognize most of them, I certainly don't know them all. Aside: To this end, I was going to feature EAT_RABBIT yesterday but was taken from my computer by a shadowy figure and not returned to my home until late that night at which point I decided to sleep. Sorry. So I'm going through the list, checking out some of the artists... And in my usual way, picking out sweet tracks I come across to save you guys some sifting time!

Chromix's website

Get it!

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