Thursday, December 24, 2009

Rush Coil - What Child Is This

From 8-Bit Christmas, which I had been planning on featuring since I got word of it on December 1st. It wasn't until today that I realized a few things:

1. None of the songs are available for free download, so I'm not about to post .MP3s to subvert that.
2. All the proceeds of this project are being DONATED TO CHARITY so I would effectively be stealing from kids in hospitals if I tried to get you this music for free.
3. [adult swim] linked to this project as well, and it's Christmas Eve so none of the songs will load very quickly due to some overloaded bandwidth.

Regardless, I cannot recommend this album enough as the end-all chiptune Christmas dealio. The "What Child Is This" (officially the 8BD of 12/24) cover mixes Metroid with classical Christmas tunes, and as soon as I heard that I knew there would never be a Christmas song that topped it. Equal it, maybe. But not top it.

Merry Christmas, people! Give $4 to charity and listen to some rad music!

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