Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bud Melvin - I'm Old Fashioned

AAAARRRRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!! Curse you, Bud Melvin! I hate that you made me have a song with lyrics on my page!

Normally I can't stand chiptunes with lyrics. Something about lyrics over any sort of electronica just doesn't jive right with this dude. But... Somehow, making your lyrics old-timey happen to do the trick? Or maybe I'm just playing this because it's POPULAR MUSIC and I think that by featuring this I'll be popular too? Oh, wait, no, that's just the name of the LP (and I feel good about saying LP here, since Bud really is old fashioned and got this release pressed into vinyl). It doesn't actually mean anything. UP NEXT WEEK: THE WORLD'S FIRST CHIPTUNE GRAMOPHONE RELEASE?!?!?!?!

Bud Melvin's Website

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