Sunday, May 31, 2009

.sylCMYK - Sylvester's Theme

Back with his second feature on this site, this is the anthem of .sylCMYK, a New York graphic artist/chiptuner, who once again features his I-Hate-Mid-Frequencies mastering technique with a frantic (though not as much as in his other songs) lead and crisp, bright-as-the-sun drums. Apparently this is just some melody he would hum to himself from time to time? It's super catchy!

Last time I featured one of his songs (Jj), he reacted as if it wasn't worthy, or if his music was only so-so. Well I don't know what he's hearing when he hits play, but I think this music's fantastic! I think a lot of us do!

We'll show you, Sylvester!

.sylCMYK's Website

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  1. Dear 8-Bit Daily, please make a Twitter.


  2. Sylvestor is truly an amazing composer. He act's like his tunes are no big deal but they are so brilliant and unique... one of the best artists I know of!

    - MisfitChris