Monday, May 4, 2009

Weave Of K. - A Walkthrough

According to Weave himself, he's been listening to some classical lately. It really shows itself, and the bassline and the drums (especially how they come in on the back of that sweep, AAGHHH I can't get enough of that entrance) are just too cool. I've listened to this song like 8 times already (not saying too much, it's a pretty short track, as per Weave's style), so even if you're cramped for time feel free to click that play button. Then click again when it's done. And again. It's sweet.

Weave Of K.'s Website

Get It!

BONUS INFORMATION: There is now one hour of music on this site; I keep all these songs in a playlist on my computer, and it's 1:00:20 thanks to today's track! Click the little icon to download all of the music so far in a neat little .rar!

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