Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pieces Of Eight - Unrest A-OK

This song is quite explicit in its narrative, making use of weird chip effects to create a very definite mood. From the filtered noise channel as radio silence, to the high-pitched echoed arpeggios as an unanswered telephone or alarm, and finally with the bent saw wave as a spoken response, it's a very interesting and unique piece of chip composition. And to really round it out, the song that follows the rather intense introduction is excellent, too!

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  1. Simply perfect ! Two different moods in the intro and the rest of the song, but both are master piece. Thx for sharing this one !

  2. This song was interesting enough that I felt the need to comment. I decided I would go through the 8bd archives and listen to every track (that was still available) and make a "best of" list for driving and whatnot, or as a mix CD for a friend. I reaaaaally like this song from about 1:15 onward. The intro is interesting and very cool, and this song is definitely worth a listen but it saddens me that as a whole work it doesn't flow in a playlist, that intro demands that the song be itself and nothing more. Anyway...

  3. I understand exactly what you mean! Haha, yeah it's a bit of a jarring piece at first, I've had friends who hear it rummage around for cell phones at the one part, or think someone else's was going off or something. But yeah, that happy stuff it gets into after the break is great! Nice heavy bass, some smooth lines. You could always download Goldwave or Audacity and cut the intro out, you know ;)