Friday, May 29, 2009

Disasterpeace - A Single Ray of Light

Disasterpeace's own description of this song is just too good... I can't really top it, only add to it:

"For generations, there lasted a darkness. A darkness each of us hoped would pass. As we watched and waited, life around us began to wither. And as the darkness grew more dense, we soon realized that the single ray of light we had hoped for would never come. We had been clenching our fists around a fleeting notion only to find that it had escaped our grasp. For ages, we slumbered waiting in the cold. Choking on the air in our own lungs. We were upon our final hours when he appeared to shine a light onto our path. A path we might follow into eternity."

He's actually making a video game, or about to, but he needs help! That link leads to a page where you can donate money for their project to get funded. It is a pretty sweet idea that I have never heard of before. And the song is even better when you watch the video that's next to it! It's called "High Strangeness", which isn't about being high or anything like that, "Strangeness" is actually a physical property, and so you can say something is "Highly Strange" and actually be talking about a real and pseudo-quantifiable value. Read more on it (somewhat lofty) here!

Disasterpeace's Website (Music)
The High Strangeness Donation Website

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