Monday, May 25, 2009

SpareTimeHero - Forever Is Child's Play

What do you think, is he saying that a claim involving the timeframe of "Forever" is child's play, as in to say "I could do that forever" is not a very impressive exagguration? Or is he saying that child's play (i.e. trivial challenges and easily surmountable opponents) is forever? Is SpareTimeHero so bored by this life that he has the tenacity to say that everything we do, everything we overcome, is a feat so commonplace as to be overlooked? I certainly don't think so. I think life is full of rich challenges and difficult one-in-a-million opportunities.

Regardless, it's a great track, worthy of your ears. See what you think!

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  1. SpareTimeHero is one of my favorites and i exspecialy was amazed by this one.

  2. Yeah this track was really something else. I'm not very familiar with the rest of his library of work, but if it's anything like this I should probably hop on getting it!