Saturday, May 9, 2009

Nestroyer - ZZ Pot

Nestroyer is just the cleverest guy. ZZ Pot (like ZZ Top, GET IT?) is the bonus track of Nestroyer's brand new release "Four times oh oh seven and the company of three mutated animals plus extra track". Not the sort of album name you'd see lying around a Best Buy or FYE, but you know... Not the kind of music you'd hear around there either. Accompanied by the likes of "Supermutated Daniel Craig", "One Eyed Sean Connery", "Plasma Dog" and "Laser Cat", you get a sense that Nestroyer doesn't take the naming of his tracks very seriously. My only qualm with this album, though, is that it didn't pay homage to my favorite Bond, the one I grew up with... WHERE IS MY TWO HEADED PIERCE BROSNAN?!

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  1. your also forgettin the best bond of all... Roger More

  2. Three Eyed Roger Moore does make an appearance on the album ;) I was just pointing out the only actor that wasn't mentioned in the release.