Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Norrin Radd - She's Lost Control

This song is absolutely different from anything I've put up here before. Let me show you how:

1. It's old. First released in 2007, this song is far older than any other song I've featured, which have been released anywhere from two months to a mere couple of hours before getting their spot on this site.
2. It's metal. I've had chiptunes + instruments before, but not like this. There's actually a guitar solo where the electronic stuff fades out and you just hear the guitar for a bit. I was scared when I first heard it.
3. It's apparently from a video game. Virtual On for the Sega Saturn. Never heard of it, but it's still a VGM cover.

All in all, three precedents set by this song. Good job, Norrin Radd!

Norrin Radd's Website

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  1. This is a great example of a composer who came into chiptunes well after they developed a talent in music. A lot of people out there are making chips without any real musical background at all! But that's also the beauty of chiptunes, I guess... so easy to make that even some inexperienced folks can turn out a pretty decent tune.