Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Riskej - Hanashi: Pretty Voice Of Spring

Off of a release from a label I found out only because of this compilation comes Riskej's "Hanashi: Pretty Voice Of Spring". It's a fantastic song off of a truly incredible release. It's so good, in fact, that the "Get It!" link below will not link you to the single song. Oh no, it's all or nothing today, baby. You gotta get the whole release. And listen to it. YOU MUST~! Spring is in the aaaaaiiiiiir~~~~!!

Riskej's Website? (A quick Google for Riskej finds all sorts of his work all over the place, with no real centralized place for the bulk of his releases in sight)

Get It!


  1. here you can find a lot of my tracks:

    last tracks (2008-2009 years):

    player for this files can be found here:

  2. link is dead, can you fix it? Id love to download the whole album

  3. How embarassing. It was the default link I have in my post template, which goes nowhere and is just a big all-caps "DERRRRRRRR" so that I see it and remember to change it. Apparently I didn't do my ctrl+v correct today...

    The link's fixed! Also, thanks for the links riskej! I like your style, I'll be checking them out later when I'm not at work.