Tuesday, June 9, 2009

GiveUpNewYork - Gravitational Lensing

Probably the first song on here made in Nanoloop since it's such an infuriatingly repetitive program. But!! This song is pretty solid. Did you know? Gravitational lensing is an optical phenomena that happens when stars that are behind a mass of light-absorbing or light-emitting stuff, but you can see them anyway because the light goes - WHOOOOOSH - around the mass? It is an effect that was predicted by Einstein's relativity, and later confirmed during a total solar eclipse when people checked out the sky and noticed stars that were technically behind the sun were visible just next to it instead. IT IS BECAUSE MASS WARPS SPACE-TIME INTO GRAVITATIONAL WELLS THAT BEND IT LIKE THE PATH OF A MARBLE TRAVELING ACROSS A CURVED PLANE I am sure you have seen this on the Discovery Channel or something before.

Anyway, here it is! It's a song! It's cool.

GiveUpNewYork's Website

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