Friday, June 12, 2009

Starscream - Rise Of Space

Okay, I have some explaining to do, I'm aware. I told you all I was going to play some old music for a week. I had a good one by Jeroen Tel picked out for today, but it'll just have to wait. See, here's the thing. Starscream just dropped an EP that is... Unbelievable. Back in April, they uploaded track three of this EP, a song called "Gravity In Terms Of Space Time". I almost featured it right then, but decided to hold off until the release that they said the song would be a part of, so that I could say "hey guys check out their whole release!" instead of saying "hey guys let's wait for this to come out!!".

Hey guys, check out their whole release!!

So yes. I have been anticipating this album for a couple months. I'm sure they've been holding onto bits of it much longer than that (the fact that they had a full track produced in late April hints that that may be the case). This track in particular is an great mix of styles and moods, which is why I picked it. Truly a must-download, this I cannot emphasize enough.

Starscream's Website

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  1. That Jeroen Tel song is a good one, too! But this is awesome. One of the best releases I've heard in a while. 8BP puts out such good stuff.