Monday, June 15, 2009

Jeroen Tel - Alternative Fuel || IAYD - Redshift

So yesterday I didn't update!!!!!!!!! AHHHH!!!

Actually I don't think anyone but my brother noticed... The real reason is that I wanted to mess with you guys and skip a day, then do BOTH THINGS that I was hinting at the day before last! Actually that's not true, I just couldn't find Jeroen Tel's "Alternative Fuel" anywhere online, and I couldn't upload it because I was at work and later because I was out for dinner and a movie. Then I remembered at 10 last night and decided to just cut my losses and do a double update today.


Jeroen Tel's "Alternative Fuel" is one of my favorite chiptunes. Back when I had sound in my car (everything got stolen, unfortunately), I always had a CD with this song on it. I think I had 3 or 4 discs with all different songs except for this one, which was always present. It's... SO GOOD! He is a bit different from your "normal" chiptune artist in that his day-to-day job is a musician. He made music for NES, Genesis, C64, etc. games for money! Woah!! Virt is the same way, actually. You know. The guy from a couple updates ago. This song is off of the awesome 8BP050, which was the album that single-handedly got me into chiptunes. You should get it!!!!

Jeroen Tel's Website
The 8BP050 Website (where you can buy the incredible album containing this song)

Get It!

IAYD's new release, "Supergalactic", available from the venerable 8bitpeoples chip-label, seems like it was made for me. It's all about outer space, there's a song called "Physics" for cryin' out loud! So I was quick to check it out (not to mention it came out the same day and from the same site as Starscream's awesome "Future, And It Doesn't Work" release) and was thoroughly impressed. They're all good tracks, but I featured this song since it's what I decided was my car's Autobot name (it's red and stuff, I think it fits!). Listen! Listennnnn!!!!!!

IAYD's Website

Get It!

OKAY WOW. I am tired of typing now. That's what I get for missing a day!!


  1. I've got 3 chiptunes CD in my car too... and this one of course :) Great ! Great ! Greatttttt !!!!

  2. I talk about the Jeroen Tel's one