Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Naruto - CS5.MP3

Naruto has quite a wide range of techniques and styles. Just sample a few of the songs on his website, and I can almost guarantee that they'll sound totally different! Also, this fella's been making this music for over ten years now, maybe 15. However, besides a track on the 8BP050 release I haven't heard of him anywhere else (it's rather tough to find an artist named Naruto, thanks to the rampant popularity of the anime). Well, there's a link to the guy's website in this post! Go check it out!

(If anyone can get a better track name for me I'd appreciate it; it just shows up as random ASCII characters in winamp/itunes)

Naruto's Website

Get It!


  1. Ugh, the tagging on those MP3s is in SHIFT-JIS, which is just wrong, and is the reason nothing can display the text. I did some hex-dumping and experimenting, and finally got something readable. "星のない夜", or Night of Stars (or, Starry Night, if you want to transliterate).

  2. The romanized title of 星のない夜 is "Hoshi no nai Yoru." I think that actually means "a night without stars"—"nai" generally negates when it is used. Also, I came across mention of a song by Megumi Hayashibara with a similar title (hoshi no nai yoru e) but haven't been able to procure a sample of that song to figure out whether or not this is a cover... It certainly is nice and relaxing though!

    I need to be listenin' to more of the music you post here! And your own music too!