Friday, June 26, 2009

ShnabubulaEX - MJ

With the passing away of the most famous solo musician of all time, I decided to snoop out a Michael Jackson chiptune cover. I was thinking of using Virt's rendition of "Thriller", or 486's cover of "Billie Jean"(one of the only other hits when I searched "Michael Jackson" on yesterday), but since then ShnabubulaEX made a SEGA Genesis version of Man in the Mirror. So I put up the newest one (that's sorta my thing) but decided to put links to all three in the post!


ShnabubulaEX's Website

Get It!


  1. I love your site! However, I've noticed your "Get it!" and "ShnabubulaEX's Website" links are broken today, for example you've linked to "", and that "" bit shouldn't be at the start of the link. Just thought I'd mention :)

  2. well that's bizarre! thanks for letting me know!